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Virus2013534d ago

I'm glad that Danger Close is working on the multiplayer this time. I enjoyed the single player even though it was short. However I didn't really enjoy the multiplayer because it felt like DICE didn't really try.

scrambles3534d ago

DICE used MoH's multiplayer to test out some parts for BF3's multiplayer. Then the rest they filled in with BC2's multiplayer.

thrasherv33534d ago

Test out what? They didn't use what I thought was really important in the first game: score streaks.

Solid_Snake373534d ago

Yeah, i got that feeling too...

jony_dols3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

The name is a bit cliched. Since when was a MOH game about anything other than fighting wars?

morganfell3533d ago

Sniping ruined the MP and by the time Dice addressed the issue, being too busy with BF3 preparation, the game was dead. The map used for the beta was the only map where snipers could not rule.

It was laughable, even as those that only sniped joked about how they were racking up scorechains and dropping JDAMs they were the architect of destroying the game they claimed to love.

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Lior3534d ago

They toned down the multiplayer for some reason on that game not at all like dice to do so

badz1493534d ago

but the amount of spawnkill in MP killed it for me! broken spawn point FTL!

Yui_Suzumiya3534d ago

Can't wait to see it on Frostbite 2! XD

BattleAxe3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Yeah, I'm so excited to see Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter....erps......I mean Medal of Honor Warfighter........burp

thorstein3534d ago

You mean: Medal of Honor: Point Gun at Enemy, Pull Trigger?

Sidewinder-3534d ago

Medal of Honour - Battleman

Medal of Honour - Conflict-Stomper

Medal of Honour - Warzoner

Medal of Honour - Gun Shooter

Call of Duty - Project Iron Sights

Call of Duty - Dogs of Battle-War

Call of Duty - Medal of Victory

Call of Duty - Answer the phone Call (of duty)

cannon88003534d ago

Call of Duty 10 - brush your teeth
Call of Duty 11 - scratch his balls
Call of Duty 12 - forever alone

BiggCMan3534d ago

Medal of Honor: Pull the Trigger to Shoot the Gun

Agent_hitman3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Medal of honor - Playboy operation
Medal of Honor - Layoff
Medal of Honor - Candy arse
Medal of Honor - Tits of Europe
Medal of Honor - Crying-to-your-mama

Call of Duty - Kotick's Warfare
Call of Duty - EA assault
Call of Duty - West and Zampela trial
Call of Duty - overrated
Call of Duty - Multi-billion profit
Call of Duty - Kindergarten
Call of Duty - Voice chat trolling
Call of Duty - Xbox live verbal abuse
Call of Duty - Gay marriage
Call of Duty - Same sex marriage
Call of Duty - Pay-activision-double-the-pric e
Call of Duty - Expensive DLC ops!

And last but not least....

Call of Duty - Kotick's Bazillion assets and liablities

Rivitur3534d ago

Ccccc-ombo breaker.

On a side note I'll just leave this here.

thorstein3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Medal of Honor: Point Shooty Thing at Enemy, Pull Boom maker

Medal of Honor: Shoot that guy, numbnutz.

Medal of Honor: Fightwar-er

Medal of Honor: BattleWrangler

Medal of Honor: Shooting at Enemies

And finally,

Call of Duty: Thanks for your cash.

PS: All of the above posters = WIN.

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RememberThe3573534d ago

Yeah, it just sounds stupid, like something a little kid would call it. I'm really not a fan of that name but it wont really matter if the game is good.

cannon88003534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

If anything It'll become famous for its name lol

BlmThug3533d ago

Agent_hitman killed the joke :L

dazzrazz3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

There is no way I'm even considering this title on sale, bought last Medal on day 1 and to be honest it was piece of shit in every aspect. I won't be but fucked for $60 bucks again where whole reeboot experience was abandoned by studio(s) around the time they finished releasing free and paid DLC.

Jobesy3534d ago

Lol yes you will. They'll put in a beta for BFBC3 and you will buy it.

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Xenial3534d ago

I disagree because i will be buying, but that on the other hand is true. They practically said **** the game then handed out some crap dlc. Community support was horrible. Starting to make me rethink as well.

dgonza403534d ago

The story in MOH was deeper and more emotionally investing than any other military shooter i've played.. there was a sense of comradery, loss, campiagn was great albeit short.

Ravenor3534d ago

The guy with the beard was awesome...what was his name again...?

In short...I disagree.

artdafoo3533d ago

Not sure about more Emotional but deff a much more realistic SP than COD's over the top the world is on the brink of all out war and its up to you to save it again story. The graphics where also a step above with being able blow limbs off bad guys with a well placed shotgun blast.

t0mmyb0y3534d ago

Got it for $20 in the Walmart bin. For some reason the online code doesn't work, but I didn't really care.

mokopa3534d ago

Your right. I also fell for it day one. This is how it will go down, May - A tidbit trailer to wet your appetite; July - They tell you MOH is coming again; September - Exclusive demo on a console (which don’t even beat a mouse and keyboard); 01 October - MOH is on all game magazine as the coming of the messiah and is touted by reviewers as such; Launch day - Supermodel booth babes with exclusive press showing and me running to the store to pick one. The studios have a PHD in how to brainwash customers out of their money on yearly basis. Cash cow strategy anyone.

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bahabeast3534d ago

i loved medal of honor and im looking forward to playing this

SuperBeast8113534d ago

It was truely an underrated game