EA SPORTS Returning to the NBA Live Name writes, "There’s a lot of reason to be excited for the upcoming NBA offering from EA SPORTS launching later this year. We recently put together out top five wants out of the title, but competition in the basketball simulation market is definitely a good thing. There’s been a lot of debate around the name of the upcoming title, as most think that neither NBA Live or NBA Elite..."

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NYC_Gamer3525d ago

With the same below average gameplay when compared to 2k?sorry EA but no thanks.

Simco8763525d ago

Did you ever play the Live series in the 90s? It was the best NBA game out. If they go back to that mindset maybe it will be.

Gran Touring3525d ago

Listen to yourself "the 90's". Basketball games have changed dramatically and outside of live's 2003-2005, the 2k series has had nba games locked down. After the abysmal 2012 , which was thankfully cancelled, and an already downward trend of the series, do you really think Live will take the top spot with 2013?

Crystallis3525d ago

2k11 was really good, 2k12 not so much.

Yi-Long3525d ago

... although I wish they'd also pick the NBA Street series back up.

bahabeast3525d ago

i wish them all the best luck but 2k is gettin better and stronger every year, 2k12 is masterpiece.

AutoCad3525d ago

Hell nooo its far from being a masterpiece...Game is filled with horrible animations and they took the crew matches away.Ever since 2k saw the Live was nomore they relaxed

Crystallis3525d ago

i think 2k12 is not very good at all. The animations and ball logic are horrid.

DaReapa3525d ago

Agreed. I haven't cared much for Live since Live '03. But having said that, I, for one, can't wait to see what EA will bring to the table. The 2K series has become far too complacent to my liking with the tug-and-pull controls, overbearing animation, and cheap AI. I welcome the competition.

Deios3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

EA should just stick to NFL, and let 2k take care of the NBA games.

Tonester9253525d ago

They need to Revamp Madden. Same thing every year. No competition and everyone buys it. I wish Backbreaker come out with another game.

SilentNegotiator3524d ago

All they have left is shutting down servers so that people have to spend $60 for a glorified online pass and a few unimportant changes.

Crystallis3525d ago

EA should just stick to the NFL? Have you played the last 5 maddens? Horrible AI, inconsistent tackling engine just to name a few. I could go on but I don't have all day LOL. Madden has turned into an arcade style football game. 2k sports needs to make an nfl game bc 2k5 was one of the best.

Outside_ofthe_Box3525d ago

If anything I'd rather it be the opposite...

2K should handle football and basketball because they do those sports best. As for the rest of the sports, I couldn't cares less about them.

Cra2yey33525d ago

Good luck stopping 2k. EA can suck it.

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The story is too old to be commented.