Kid Icarus: Uprising- Nintendo Making All The Right Moves

Chris Buffa (Modojo): There's a good chance Kid Icarus: Uprising will crash and burn at retail, largely because it's the first sequel in 21 years. That means a whole generation of players have grown up with little idea who series hero Pit is, other than that winged guy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

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browngamer413359d ago

Agreed. When Nintendo announced this game at e3 I gotta say I was not really interested(and i'm one of the few who not only adored the original-I was a master at it!)..but as time goes on and more info and videos have been released I find myself barely able to contain my excitement!

LX-General-Kaos3359d ago

When I seen this game at the Nintendo press event i knew it was was a killer app. This game looks like it has a chance to carry the Nintendo 3DS to new heights. The multiplayer was amazing as well.

AWBrawler3358d ago

Calling it now, Kid Icarus will become a key franchise for Nintendo.