Cyberpunk/Dystopian Game "Fray" Offers 2-for-1 Alpha

Gamers Nexus: "The sci-fi title has an intriguing backstory to any lover of computers: It's the year 2098 and, as we should hope, human interaction has been entirely limited to the Internet - or whatever it becomes in the future. Fulfilling the cyberpunk requirements of being a world dominated by malevolent companies, the world of Fray is dominated by three mega-corporations, in true 1984 fashion, with each fighting over the remaining supplies on earth."

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Velox2843d ago

Megacorporations are people, my friend.

Love cyberpunk

Lelldorianx2843d ago

Cyberpunk settings are my all-time favorite. I wish more games would come out like these -- Dystopia has been great to me, Tron 2.0 was also awesome.

Razor7922843d ago

Cyberpunk is a brilliant style.

Lelldorianx2843d ago

Indeed! Cyberpunk games have been sadly absent for the last few years, but this year we're getting a few - to include Syndicate.