‘Twisted Metal’ Review [Game Rant]

‘Twisted Metal,’ the king of vehicular manslaughter games is back, but does this PS3 exclusive recapture the iconic car-combat magic of the series’ earlier installments? Read our review.

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crazypicklemonkey3361d ago

this one is my favorite in the series.

SoapShoes3361d ago

^ I agree. The online is a blast but I think the single player is good too. It mixes it up, instead of being death match after death match like the previous games. There are races, there are cage matches where it's death match but you have to stay confined to an ever moving cage, and the bosses are better than any other bosses from the series.

I played the TM: Black download and I have TM2 on my PS3 and honestly I like the gameplay of this one so much more. It's more fast paced and refined. Black/TM2, in comparison, feels clunky and slow and that's coming from a hardcore black fan that played it for years after it released.

soundslike3361d ago

oh Black

with your silly weapon locations, unnecessarily complex freeze command that ends up wasting your ammo on accident, instant deaths, and glorious endings....