Arma 3 Screens Released

Bohemia Interactive has released today, six new screens of the upcoming game “Arma 3″.

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kevnb2431d ago

omg, i want to see this engine on something more arcady. Arma is too realistic for me, and it takes alot of time.

bumnut2431d ago

Same here, I wanted to like it but it was too hardcore for me.

I can see why it appeals to others though.

mcgrottys2431d ago

man I love arma, and my favorite screenshot is of the jet because anywhere you see on that island you can go to and there may be battles already occurring.

Somebody2431d ago

Arma 2 was my first experience in an online multiplayer game. It was both great and harrowing. It's great to see a group of people working together to take over a small town. It's painful to have a truck stuck in sand and some lucky insurgents RPGed it to pieces - forcing me and my buddies running for the last 3 miles to our target.

Yeah. It's a great simulator but having to respawn tens of miles from the nearest action require dedication and patience that most gamers don't have.

Adding a little bit of arcade elements might be a welcomed addition for the series.