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Binary Domain is a cyberpunk cover-based shooting game about shooting robots in Japan while issuing commands to your teammates. This may not seem like the most compelling and original premise in the entire world, but where Binary Domain seeks to stand out is not in reinventing the formula, but rather doing it better and in more compelling and experimental ways. With an emphasis on storyline and squad-based combat, it tries to give a very real, fleshy taste of its gameplay in its demo time. Does it hold up? Is its unique approach to interacting with team members enough to keep the demo interesting?

It starts with the usual tease of the modern day demo, showing you the main menu and then blocking content off. In this case, the blocked off content is the multi-player, making this a strictly single player trial. Players are given the choice between two episodes, and both show off interesting aspects of the game as a whole. The beginning of the first episode is a cutscene of the main character and his squad-mates conversing about the current situation, nothing new under the sun, and then you're given the choice of team members, being allowed two of four, two men and two women. After this, the game starts to become interesting. You're asked to answer a question by one of your teammates while you're walking toward the objective. At this point you can respond by either pressing a button while holding the Left Bumper to decide negative or affirmative on the question (Which varies depending on which characters you decided to drag along).

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