PlayStation.Blog: Pata-me, Pata-you, Patapon news

Chris Hinojosa-Miranda, Associate Producer of Patapon, writes on the PlayStation.Blog:

"On the eve of holiday break…and the launch of Patapon in Japan, we here at Patapon Central (aka Pon-SCEA) have been very excited over a few little Pata-tidbits that are currently circulating in the media, both locally and overseas.

First, great Pata-News came to me from Japan: Famitsu, one of Japan's leading gaming publications, has awarded Patapon a Platinum Review award."

In this post Chris Hinojosa-Miranda clears up the confusion on who-did-what-where between Patapon and LocoRoco.

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redninja4730d ago

This game looks very charming. I would imagine the incessent noise of "pata-pata-pata-pon" could get on one's nerves after a while though.

MK_Red4730d ago

Sadly Patapon didn't sell in Japan. Let's hope it does sell a lot in rest of the world.

icdedppl4730d ago

um, it just launched in japan yesterday. how do you know that it didn't sell well in japan if it just came out yesterday?

MK_Red4730d ago

The first day sales were released and it sold as bad as a western 360 game in Japan.

PS360WII4730d ago

This game will be fun when it gets to the states ^^