PlayStation Vita to Generate $2.2 Billion in Hardware and Software Sales in 2012

With the might of Sony’s marketing machine behind it, yesterday’s launch of Sony’s PlayStation Vita in North America and Europe underlines the company’s hopes that this next generation portable game console can turnaround the fortunes of its loss-making Consumer Products & Services segment. However, according to Strategy Analytics, despite PlayStation Vita’s strong content line-up, creative gaming capabilities and great internet experience, the device faces enormous challenges if it is to succeed in an increasingly converging marketplace.

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Knight_Cid3372d ago

I just read a whole lot of hot air, generalizations, and mis information

LOGICWINS3372d ago

"I just read a whole lot of hot air, generalizations, and mis information"

So I'm assuming that you can do a better job?

Knight_Cid3372d ago

you can assume i wouldnt geenralize

SilentNegotiator3372d ago

Can we PLEASE see the sales of the first 24 hours in the new regions? I'm sick of reading directionless guesses of what Vita might do this YEAR.

FlashXIII3372d ago Show
slavish3372d ago

Revenue=/=profit. I wonder what profit was! I hope they did great though

Half-Mafia3372d ago

12.4 units this year. Even I find this hard to believe. I think the Vita could sell around 8m

jukins3372d ago

ya that seems far fetched. im honestly not expecting the vita to sell more than 6-7m for the rest of the year. unless this call of duty for vita sells as good as it does on consoles.

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