Are Games Losing Their Touch with Final Bosses?

It’s hard to argue whether or not final bosses are necessary in video games today. They’ve been a part of gaming for so long that they’re essentially the modus operandi in the overall design of video games. It’s a great feeling but as innovation continues to grow in the gaming industry, the whole “final boss” complex seems tired and outworn.

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MrMushroom3366d ago

Did you read the article?

hellzsupernova3365d ago

i dont think every game needs an end boss i am happy to have a well told story end without some forced in boss battle.

Knight_Cid3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

every game needs a boss

LX-General-Kaos3365d ago

I cant speak for most other games. But I have noticed that Nintendo in house developed games usually carry the tradition of final boss battles. Even in the day and age of military shooters, western rpgs, perks and stats. Nintendo games have stayed true to the tradition.

So If you are one of the few that seem to actually care about boss battles and main events. Nintendo franchise games will be waiting for you with great challenging gameplay.

dinkeldinkse3365d ago

The Talbot "boss fight" was just stupid.

ReservoirDog3163365d ago

Yeah especially cause Talbot felt strangely invisible throughout the story and that battle and they never touch on it.

There were so many little loose ends in Uncharted 3. Great game, but so many.

TheDivine3365d ago

Love boss fights. Its what seperates good games and great games. Look at metroid prime, demons souls, sotc, re4, mgs3, all have epic bosses that will be remembered forever in my mind. I enjoy games without them obviously, it doesnt fit with all games but a truly hard epic battle gives you satisfaction like nothing else in gaming. Its the highlight of 2d games like megaman, outland, hard corps, contra exc. Its the highlight of jrpgs like ff and lost odyssey. Its the highlight of hack n slash like gow, dmc, and ninja gaiden. Even shooters like gears and resistance have them. Last bosses can make games like kz2 stick in the head of gamers everywhere. That game was great but the last boss really tested everything you learned and made it memorable, it went out with a bang. Without that boss fight it would just be another level.

Game0N3365d ago

Great points...especially with demon's souls/dark souls, those bosses are very memorable.