Full trophy list for Motorstorm RC (PS3 & Vita)

Trophy list for Motorstorm RC with full size trophy images for both PS3 and Vita!

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baddiary3363d ago

Def. not the Motorstorm I'm used to, but it was sort of fun anyway... too many games to play on Vita right now to focus on one, so I'm kinda jumping between them all :p

Makasu3363d ago

Totally agree, i haven't even had the chance to try out Escape plan or Hot shots golf yet.

ABizzel13362d ago (Edited 3362d ago )

Wait a sec.

Based off the gold trophies is this game a micro RC version of Motorstorm, Pacific Rift, Arctic Edge, and Apocalypse, with a few RC tracks?

If so then this is a definite must buy. I liked the first game, liked PR but lost it :(, didn't get AE on PSP, and wanted Apocalypse but if you get all those for $9.99 for both PS3 and PSV then I'm all over this.

Please confirm

SandwichHammock3362d ago

I'm really looking forward to this and its near features. Plus being able to get both the PS3 and PSV version for 9.99 is a pretty good deal, although I am worried that they might try the DLC milk routine at such a low initial price.


Makasu3362d ago

It's such a bargain, i dont really mind paying extra for DLC when the game is so cheap to begin with.

xAlmostPro3362d ago

It's brilliant for the price!

Makasu3362d ago

I'd say its brilliant for 2x the price :) Can't wait to see how it runs on ps3.