PC gamers, meet Life Weaver; a survival horror game, along the high-fantasy lines of Legend of Zelda

DSOGaming writes: "Life Weaver is a top-down, 2D retro-style graphic game that allows you to immerse yourself into various alternate dimensions including the North Pole where you battle fierce creatures such as the Helfens. Helfens are demonic creatures that possess the power to distort any mortal’s mind, making them see what they want them to. These horrible beings were once elves that became so engulfed in darkness that they were cursed to walk the earth as half elf/half wolf creatures of the night."

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Fragger2k83359d ago

And for something that was clearly made with RPG Maker, ha. That's pretty ridiculous.

I understand wanting a bit of money for a game, but for it being an indie game, and also being made in a game maker, $40 is kind of too much to ask. People do a lot more for free.

Kamikaze1353359d ago

Seriously. If they wanted to make money off of it, they should sell it for no more than $10 and throw it on Steam after selling it on their own site for a while.

Fragger2k83359d ago

I agree, and $10 may even be a bit too much. If she would have done her own game from scratch, then sure, but that isn't the case here. Most likely used a bunch of scripts made by others as well, for most things.

I would not be surprised if it was only around an hour long, haha.

Theo11303359d ago

What did i tell you about the headline, you'll never learn with your cookie cutter writing.