Prey 2 preview [BeefJack]

BeefJack: "PREY 2 takes the universe that the first game established and spins it into a wholly different beast. No more portals or wall-walking, but an open world game set on a new planet. Read on for our preyview."

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Hufandpuf2525d ago

I don't get it, why dont they just give the game a different name? It's, NOTHING like the first onr so why don't they just rename it and call it a spiritual sucessor?

strange19862525d ago

Well it is part of the same canon. Also, I read one of the developers talking about the predator/prey relationship. The first one was about being the prey while this one is about experiencing the other side.

Either way, why is it such a big deal?

Hufandpuf2525d ago

then I really want to find out how the guy you play as survived the first encounter with the aliens and escaped death to get where he is now.

The game sounds and looks very good, but the story and continuity seems very off.

JsonHenry2525d ago

I think this game sounds awesome. And sharing the same universe/characters/story from the first game it makes perfect sense to call it Prey 2.

And I am glad that it is nothing like the first one. Because this one sounds way better than the first.

Conzul2525d ago

I actually can't wait for this game...
sucker for open world, I guess.

Cajun Chicken2525d ago

Still annoyed by the lack of stuff that made Prey 1 so innovative and 'Prey'.

JsonHenry2525d ago

I'm sure they will put some music by Ted Nugent in there somewhere. :)

Daver2525d ago

I liked the video in the airplane but the game itself ill need more infos about it