Review: Alan Wake (New Gamer Nation)

Announced all the way back in 2005, Alan Wake was set for a simultaneous Xbox 360 and PC release upon launch of the Xbox 360. However, things changed, and after many delays, the news came that the game would now be exclusive to the Xbox 360. We now know this was attributed to Microsoft wanting the franchise to be a flagship exclusive for the Xbox. Originally pitched as a massive, open-world game with tons of places to explore. The title would now be a more linear affair, and believe it or not, this was a good choice. While there is a sense of exploration, and going off the path to find hidden areas, it’s guided enough to keep up the pace and immerse you in the story. It works very well. Fast forward to 2010 and Alan Wake is finally released on the Xbox 360 to generally favorable reviews. The PC version includes both DLC’s previously released on the Xbox 360. It was nice to see that for the money you are getting a complete package despite the fact that this is an older title.

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