New Xbox 360 update tinkers behind the scenes

Eurogamer: "Microsoft has pushed out a new update to the Xbox 360.
This is in addition to the update released last week that fixed the colour problems caused by last December's dashboard redesign."

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OmegaSaiyanX3361d ago

I have seen no improvement to the colours, instead the dashboard is still extremely slow and peoples name freeze something that shouldnt happen considering ive got a gears of war 3 360 and 40mb bt fibreoptic!!

dirthurts3361d ago

It sounds like you might have some issues. I've never seen any of these problems you have mentioned.
Colors always seemed fine to me...but then again my tv is pretty vivid.

fragnificent3361d ago (Edited 3361d ago )

just so ya know man the gears of war 360 is no more powerful, it just has a different case etc.

Also the dashboard is now worse than the original just put it back or find something that works

dazzrazz3356d ago

Behind scene updates = Microsoft trying to stop people from booting up dual NAND configurations