Infinity Ward: we'll work with Treyarch more on next Modern Warfare

OXM UK: "For years, Infinity Ward and Treyarch have been like rebellious wheels on Call of Duty's shopping trolley, yanking the creative agenda this way and that. Hatchets appear to have been buried with Modern Warfare 3, however, which loans the Gun Game and One in the Chamber modes from Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling says the studios will band together more in future."

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zeal0us2433d ago

Dunno why I tend to like Treyarch more than IW.
The last IW game I went online with was MW1.
The last Treyarch game I went online with was Black Ops.

Oschino19072433d ago

Lol I am the opposite, havn't played Treyarch since [email protected] and currently play MW3. They both have their audiences and people who prefer their style over the other.

Its good for both games though and more blending of good ideas from both while staying unique in overall presentation. Working together from now will prob be most benificial in their effort to prepare for next gen and where they are going to take the series.

arnyftw2433d ago

I also play only Treyarch cod games, i cant take the bs of infinity wards games. I played mw3 on the free weekend on steam and hated it, it was the same as mw2 with new maps, with the only difference being less grenade launchers. They could have learned so much from black ops in-game stat system, but they stuck with the crap mw2 system. I dont care about elite, I should be able to see any players stats, I dont care about the lobby leaderboard. Hopefully Treyarch innovate with their next game.

h311rais3r2433d ago

...they said mw was a trilogy....MILK

FinaLXiii2433d ago

and it was they must be starting another one lol

Titanz2433d ago

They did an awesome job of porting the COD titles onto the Wii.

princejb1342433d ago

not very fair since black ops graphics were downgraded from mw2

Siren302433d ago (Edited 2433d ago )

Imo treyarch doesn't need infinity ward. World at war and black ops are better than mw2 and mw3.

DeadpoolBub2433d ago

Lol. Treyarch is officially in control of COD. If IW was still the top dog, they'd NEVER say this. Good thing, I like Treyarch more than IW.

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