Sega: Japanese games shouldn't pretend they're Western

Though it features some pretty high-powered Brits and Yanks, new shooter Binary Domain wears its Japanese heritage on its sleeve. No big surprise, then, that the game's designer Toshihiro Nagoshi wishes more Japanese titles would stay true to their origins.

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sinncross3359d ago

Finally... a Japanese developer who knows what he is talking about.

This over saturation of Western-esque gameplay experiences (even from Japanese devs) would not be a bad thing if we still had the Japanese flavour coming through, but we are not seeing that.

The marketing is just becoming more linear this way.

dirigiblebill3359d ago


Shame the (excellent-looking) game he's made is fundamentally a Gears rip-off with a few throw-ins from Modern Warfare.

Jam_sponge3359d ago

It's more of a Resi rip-off than a Gears rip-off.

sarshelyam3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Because Gears invented its gameplay style? That's completely absurd...what are you 12?

Also, Killswitch says hello. That third person shooter with a heavy emphasis on cover predates Gears by 3 years!

rdgneoz33359d ago

Yep, Killswitch started it, Gears just made it more popular.

dirigiblebill3358d ago

Winback's cover system pre-dates that of Kill.switch, chaps, but wherever you look for a precedent, Gears is the model nowadays. Epic's made the mechanic its own with iterations like the roady run, four-way weapon select, mantling/movement around cover, Resi's shoulder cam/precision aim - a mixture Binary Domain ports over pretty much entire.

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disturbing_flame3359d ago

Totally agree mate.

Developers should be proud of their culture and must aim to the perfect retranscription of it through their art for the pleasure of gamers.

It's difficult but manageable.

But i want to say an other thing. Japanese developers must think to the western audience in the development of their games, they must release it worlwide at the same time. They need to translate their games in foreign langages (or just english) during the making of the game.
We must wait a year or more to play games that have been released long time ago, some of them will never be released here. This is a major problem. Japanese developers must do something; they don't understand that their games can be supported here.

potatoandtomato3353d ago

Did you ever play the game?

It differs a lot from western style 3rd person shooting game.

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Knight_Cid3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

hes right on the point that everyone should do there own thing

I disagree that he says japanese games arent selling/doing well in the west.

Ive bought more japanese games this gen than any other

CGI-Quality3359d ago

Compared to Western games, in the West, Japanese games don't do as well (with exceptions like Final Fantasy and Resident Evil - which always had a strong Western appeal anyway). What you've bought isn't even a fraction of the bigger picture.

OT: I 100% agree. Japanese games just feel a little different, which started last gen. I understand there's money in it, but some franchises have suffered for it. With where the market seems to be headed, I don't see this trend slowing anytime soon.

Knight_Cid3359d ago

thats always been the case.

Lets take last gen on the PS2. Nothing sold more than gta or madden, the problem is people are letting sales run there lives.

CGI-Quality3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

It really isn't a matter of whether Japanese games sell as well as their Western counterparts, Japanese franchises, in the West, aren't selling as well as they used to, against themselves (hence why I said they DON'T do as well as Western games, not "didn't").

Knight_Cid3359d ago

oh, then thats a flat out lie

disgaea 3,4 outsold 1,2

final fantasy 13 was the fastest selling ff since 7

new super mario bros sold over 50 million copies between the ds and wii

and more

GraveLord3359d ago

Doesn't matter what you bought.
Overall Japanese game sales are down in the West.

Elemental_3359d ago

game sales are down worldwide. In every region. And western game sales are down in japan. WHo cares.

CGI-Quality3359d ago

Er, I didn't say ALL Japanese games, I said Japanese games, but I'm guessing you knew that and decided to ignore it just to argue semantics to appear to be right.

Since you're out of bubbles, you obviously can't respond, but from the few games you mentioned, I can name others that haven't outsold their predecessors, nor received the same critical success.

Hicken3359d ago

Just be fortunate he didn't start raving about the 3DS like he usually does.

On topic: I know and understand that there is a fundamental difference between Western and Japanese games, but I really think there shouldn't be a discernment, in general. Sometimes I worry that people are getting the impression that the West can't and shouldn't make a Japanese-style game, and that Japan shouldn't make Western-styled games. I get a bit more worried when I see people on this site that bash anything not made in the West, or others that won't accept anything not Japanese.

I want a good game, though I'd prefer a great one. Whether it's Japanese or Western doesn't mean nearly as much to me as how much I enjoy it.

Elemental_3359d ago

No offense but by saying "japanese games" your implying all japanese games.

And I can name western games that havent outsold there predecessors, nor received the same critical success, like dragon age 2, fable 3, assasins creed revelations, saints row third, ect

Dont generalize the industry please

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LightofDarkness3359d ago

The opposite stance to Capcom, essentially. Well, actions speak louder than words. Binary Domain seems equal parts Japanese and Western so far, so let's see how it ends up.

Fishy Fingers3359d ago

The western market dwarfs the Japanese so you can hardly blame them for wanting a piece of it.

Hufandpuf3359d ago

every recent SEGA game looks like it was developed by the same person. FACT.

Megaman_nerd3359d ago

Yakuza, Vanquish, Sonic Generations, Bayonetta

How are they equal?

Hufandpuf3359d ago

let me compose screenshot comparisons. hold on, it'll take a minute.

sarshelyam3359d ago

By "compose", he means "Photoshop".

Have fun proving that point Huf, I'm not buying it.

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