Dark Sector: Glaive Interview plus New Gameplay Footage

What was the evolution of the Glaive?

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TheXgamerLive4730d ago

Very nice graphics, excellent killer moves, a niche that makes it different than others in the same category, yeah I'm lovin it.

Online should/could be great too. Nice blood effects and weapon choices. I pray the environments are large enough to take advantage of this type of gameplay.

I was surprissed that the PS3 was also getting this and not just the Xbox 360.

Kleptic4730d ago

suprised? was originally just a PS3 game wasn't it?...can't remember, but I believe this was the very first announced next gen game...its been more or less in development since before KZ2 and Halo 3 apparently...

in either case...the gameplay footage appeared to all be the PS3 as well...both mini-game shots showed the circle button...

I agree though...the game has potential...looks like a little of Gears and RE4 combined...but also looks pretty boring so far (what do you do just throw that glaive around non-stop?)...we will has had my attention for a while...but 2008 will be a tough year to hold onto it...

Neurotoxin4730d ago

I prefered the original idea this developer blantantly used to copy the Glaive, from the film Krull.

Crappy 80`s films at its best.

Keowrath4730d ago

Hahaha +Bubbles you old bastard! (Sadly I remember the release of Krull in the cinemas too =/)

I think the Glaive looks to work really well in Dark Sector. I hadn't seen anything about this game until this movie. I think it looks pretty special. Love the idea of lining up a host of bad guys so you can tear through them with the Glaive. I wonder if the PS3 will use Sixaxis for that ala Heavenly sword. It appears to slow down time once it's thrown, that could work really well.

One to keep an eye out for me anyway.

PS3n3604730d ago

It would be sweet if you could guide the glaive with sixaxis to seperate it from the 360 version a bit. I would probably buy it on PS3 for single player if that was the case then finish it sell it and buy it for xbox online.