Warner Home Video Also Attending Blu-Ray Conference At CES

The Bitbag writes, "You've already heard that Warner will be attending the HD-DVD conference at the CES in January. According to my source at Warner, they will also be attending a Blu-Ray conference."

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4729d ago

Last report, it was about Warner attending HD DVD.

power of Green 4729d ago

Its also posted as news when its not been announced as truth/fact.

TANOD4729d ago

The fact is Warner will go BD exclusive

watch the BD inflicted carnage at CES when 200$ BD players would be announced.

BD has exclusive support of almost 90% of the Japanese tech giants.

@jason 360

x360 is already outdated if u are unaware. It will take atleast years for PC cores to become as powerful as CELL (a processor that can even do secondary/tertiary raytracing ).

I believe that the processor of next XBOX (if there is any ) might contain a CPU marginally more powerful than CELL.

BD will remain in the market for years but DVD is already outdated. even games like Blu Dragon and Lost Odyssey takes up 3/4 DVDS on x360

WilliamRLBaker4729d ago (Edited 4729d ago )

tanod then why aren't all Home computers using cell? why aren't all servers useing it? lol your a fool tanod.

360 is beating ps3 in sales, scores and games, attach ratios and every thing, Its online service kills PSN, Psn has what 3 million users with 7 million ps3s sold and its free? lol 360 has like 8-9 million users with 14 million units sold.

Games continuely suck on the ps3 compared to the your a fool.

FACT:Tanod is Nasim/shmee any one notice how they dont post much if at all any more yet tanod does, and uses the same grammar and puncuation as them?

TANOD4729d ago

Many multiplat games are better on PS3

COD 4 scored 9.6 on PS3 and 9.5 on X360 at Gamezone. Oblivion,RR7, Tigerwoods, AC, armored core , NFS pro street ---all are better on PS3

there is nothing on X360 that comes remotely close to UNCHARTED ---not even remotely close

season0074729d ago

but cell is to be used on servers, TVs and many other appliances...not only PS3

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HarryEtTubMan4729d ago

Its gonna happen either way.....look at the Xbot above...omg omg omg. hahahaha. Blu ray and The PS3 will win. 9 more years to go!

JasonPC360PS3Wii4729d ago

HAHA your going to be playing that same PS3 in 9yrs HAHA it's already outdated, but hey to each his own. ROTFLMMFAO Hey! I just got me a PS1, I am soooo next gen.

eagle214729d ago

Now and forever. They would be like Paramount to stop. Nobody is that dumb.

Blademask4729d ago

Bluray embarrasses HD-DVD in sales, time and time again.

So lets see what they will do.

The 360 outsells the ps3, so to many of the xbots its the 'winner'. So I wonder why the same doesn't apply here.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4729d ago

This probably has nothing to do with the console wars. In the end, people on here just wasting there time giving a crap about this.

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The story is too old to be commented.