Battlefield 3: Confirmed Fixes and tweaks so far

Battlefield 3 Battlelog writes: "We would like to share some of the confirmed fixes and tweaks that we have been working on to the Community. Note that this is still not a full update list and there will be more information on this as we go forward. Also please remember that the content in this list might be changed but of course, we will also keep you in the loop about this. While there still is no ETA on the patch, we´re still working on improving online gameplay for all of our dear community members. So far, this list is for all three platforms (Xbox 360, PS3 and PC)"

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Hufandpuf2525d ago

Geez that's a big list. No wonder why it's taking so long, the game might not be the same after this enormous patch. Just call it BF3 1.5 i guess.

DoomeDx2525d ago

I agree. Great stuff!
Only problem is though, dice is known for accidently adding new bugs in every patch..

Hufandpuf2525d ago

"dice is known for accidently adding new bugs in every patch.."

How so? The patches for BFBC2 and previous installments were pretty good.

AllroundGamer2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

lol so true :D

Ducky2525d ago


When they patched the hitreg fix to BC2 (around last Winter before Vietnam) they managed to break tracers on bullets.

That's just the nature of games these days. When there's so much code, it's kind of difficult to make a lot of changes without inadvertently screwing something else up.

dark-hollow2525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

What the hell dice?
Its Like a different game every month with all those nerfing.

Am all for fixing bugs but about the weapon balance just get it done and leave it.

Ducky2525d ago

... why leave it?

It isn't exactly uncommon practice for DICE to play around with the balancing of weapons for some time after release.
If they just leave it, then the game naturally devolves into everyone using the same OP weapons all the time.

Pandamobile2524d ago

Weapon balancing is always changing.

TF2 it still getting balancing patches 5 years after release.

Tonester9252525d ago

My smile IMMEDIATELY turned into a frown when they said its only confirmed for PC as of now and no release date yet lol

ThichQuangDuck2525d ago

fall damage, but yeah this is gigantic patch. Seems like it will completely change gameplay for the better hopefully we will get a DLC announcement with it so I can reward them for their work.

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ExCest2525d ago


and make all the bad guns better

Funky Town_TX2525d ago

Getting shot from 200-300 yards away sucks. I still suck at the game eitherway, but overall the game is a blast.

Spitfire_Riggz2525d ago

All automatic and pump action shotguns are getting max distance reduced to 15 meters!!! YAY

BeaArthur2525d ago

The USAS needs a smaller clip, that's the real issue. I think it's like 8 without the extended mags. The gun takes zero skill.

Solid_Snake372525d ago

Holy crap... They are fixing so much stuff! Bf3 online is now on another level from the Beta

trenso12525d ago

Great list! Can't wait for these fixes to come to console.

sovietsoldier2525d ago

they have really out done them self on this patch, cant wait for it.