Can the Guitar Hero Video Game Teach Teens to Love Technically Important Music?

Guitar Hero begs an interesting question relative to the current long-standing plague of poor record sales in the music business, ever since the rise of the grunge genre of music in the early '90s. From the time it became popular to not value the musical performance in grunge, music sales have slumped. Pony-tailed, baby boomer record executives who still believe the 25-year-old compact disc is the way to sell music to the next generation of tech-savvy and attention-deprived kids will bark that it was Napster that caused their problems.

The truth is that today's bands for the most part cannot play with the proficiency and musical appeal of the bands that define the 1967-to-1993 classic rock era. The question is: will today's kids learn to appreciate the technical complexities of the best music from the classic rock era because of the lessons taught on Guitar Hero?

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CRIMS0N_W0LF5098d ago (Edited 5098d ago )

clubbers who know nothing about music.

GH introduce music but not make them love. Probably ask them an album or another song that is not in GH and tell you "What?"

name5098d ago

The problem with selling music through downloads is.. if you have an MP3 player or an IPod chances are you're fully aware that free music exists. The only time those people purchase music is through the honor system and out of respect for the artist. People who buy CD's the most are people who DONT own digital music outlets.

It's the same situation with PC games. People can easily download PC games via torrents, so sells slump. Hopefully music finds its evolution, because people still continue to steal it.

Now about the "technical" aspects of music, I think it'll definetly do a number on some. The problem with art in general is you don't wanna do something that only other artists respect. And hopefully guitar hero gives them an understanding of such things. While I'm involved in Rap mostly, the same exact event happened when the movie 8mile came out. Tons of people started to rap and claim to appreciate "real rap", but then after a while they started drifting back to their original prefrence. Hopefully this isn't just a fad to people.