Ten For 2008 - Microsoft: Fallout 3, GTA4, Too Human & More

Game Informer writes:
"Sure, 2007 was a phenomenal year in video games. But to be honest, that's so almost last year. We've got a long break ahead of us which means we'll be blowing through everything for 2007. So we're looking to 2008 to be an even bigger year in video games than this year. Don't believe us? Take a look at what's coming down the pipe next year. Sure there are a lot of games that haven't been announced yet, but add a little speculation, a sprinkle of hope and you get our grand list of the Top 10 Games for 2008."

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MK_Red5570d ago

Even though Bethesda did say that 360 is the lead platform for Fallout 3, I still think F3 should have been in PC's top 10 and another game like Prototype should have made it here.

radzy5569d ago (Edited 5569d ago )

if you want to see a video of it check it out on youtube.
i cant believe people aren't talking about this game.

check out the cop car in the video .you can drive a nissan skyline r34 as a fricken cop car. looks sick.

MK_Red5569d ago

Good one. I saw one ad from it in and agreed that Crackdown was an awesome game.
Sadly it was underrated and overlooked and the same seems to be happening to APB.

power of Green 5570d ago (Edited 5570d ago )

who's seen the Battle Field Bad Company video on XBL(or PSN?) this game will blow COD4 out of the water. In the video I couldn't tell what was real or game at times when the dude wasn't in front of the screen.

People have to be out of their minds when they say 360 and or PS3 are at the end of their graphical ropes(devs havn't learned either of the hardware in these consoles just wait untill hyper threading or multi threading development takes off, I love how MSFT hired an Multi threading master to help devs harnest the 360's capabilities).

Also Project Offset is going to be a Moster and so is Alan Wake, Elveon and Warhound could also suprize us.

mighty_douche5570d ago

while i kinda hope your right, CoD4's crowning glory is that it runs at a very stable frame rate, Battlefield is seriously lacking in that department as of now.

MK_Red5570d ago

You mentioned some pretty great games indeed. Project Offset, Alan Wake, Elveon and Warhound.

As for BF:BC, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be awesome but COD4 awesome? COD4 won a lot of awards at E3 and every site and critic praised it. BF:BC in the other hand didn't win any awards. Though to be fair, it was in a really early developement stage.
The recent gameplay footage of BF was indeed awesome but I still don't think it will be a match for COD4.

Alan Wake and Project Offset could be real killers though.

Omegasyde5569d ago

I don't mean to me prude but I highly think that Battlefield MC will have some hitch and like MK said it will have a rough frame rates. Battlefields were made for the PC's and I hope they don't dumb it down too much for the consoles to run at a smooth framerate.

Bolts5569d ago

Battle Field Bad Co. is nothing more than a tech demo. There is no game. Watch the vids again with your eyes open you'll see what I'm talking about.

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socomnick5570d ago

yo guys when did too human get so awesome looking .

power of Green 5570d ago (Edited 5570d ago )

Its always been between Lost Planet and Gow but as of late its really taking off, Agreed!!!.

Heres some older pics of the old engine.

ry-guy5569d ago

As more and more comes out about Too Human the more excited I get about it.

The last trailer that I saw, the graphics appeared just below that of Assassin's Creed. Everything looked a bit off, just not tight. However, it does look promising!

BIoodmask5570d ago (Edited 5570d ago )

look really good. Especially Fable 2, Halo Wars, Fallout 3, Ninja Gaiden 2, and Too Human.

I know that Microsoft has a lot more up their sleeve though that they have not released yet for 2008. I would expect some info on Gears of War 2, Banjo 3, Perfect Dark 2, and possibly even Killer Instinct 3 next year. Rare has to be up to something after all. I have to doubt that they are only working on Banjo 3.

There are also a lot of other heavy hitters that are coming from 3rd parties in 08. Alan Wake, Project Offset and Street Fighter 4 just to name a few.

And for people wondering how Too Human is shaping up these two videos are pretty cool. I posted them before but for those that are interested.

This is what Project Offset looks like. It is a 1st person medeval times type fighter. Looks like it could be a hit.

MK_Red5570d ago

Project Offset could end up biggest surprise of 2008 and a true sleeper hit.

I just hope Fallout 3 lives up to it's legacy and potential and becomes best game of all time. (Yeah, I'm a Fallout fanboy, screw every other game and console, Fallout FTW!)

FordGTGuy5570d ago

Alan Wake.

Not to mention theres some games that haven't been announced officially yet that will hit in 2008.