SYDHiT - Ridge Racer (Vita) Review

SYDHiT writes - If Namco thinks it has the right to half-ass a game and charge 50 bucks for it, I think I have the right to half-ass this review.

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knifefight3336d ago

Being fair to the game, it's not $50 like your blurb says, it's $30 -- some 60 percent of the number you gripe about.

But yes, this is poor implementation of a stupid idea and deserves a critical shellacking. Any review outlet scoring this one highly is doing it wrong.

rossford3336d ago

We're an Australian website. It's 50 here.

knifefight3336d ago

Ooooohh, OK, I get you.

Well then yes, sorry about that. Carry on ^_^