'Doctor Who: The Adventure Games' shelved by BBC

Doctor Who: The Adventure Games has been shelved by the BBC.

Executive producer Simon Harris said that the firm will now focus on other Doctor Who game projects instead.

"Right now there are no current plans to develop any more Adventure Games, so [The Eternity Clock] is the next Doctor Who gaming exercise and we're doing other things," he said.

"Obviously we've got the browser-based MMO Doctor Who: Worlds In Time, we have other plans for other platforms and formats and we'll be announcing those.

"But right now The Adventure Games have done a great job, and they've been done, we're now going to move forward with the The Eternity Clock and we'll continue to develop those plans as we go ahead."

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Dan503369d ago

Wait...the first trailer comes out and BAM shelved? Really???

Cajun Chicken3369d ago

No, they meant the click adventure series which was given for free through the BBC.