240° owner begins redirecting web address to US PlayStation 3 site

Fusible: It appears the owner of the domain is none too happy with Microsoft or simply playing an online joke.

As of today, type the web address into your browser and you’ll be redirected to the US PlayStation 3 site (

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zeal0us3747d ago

Won't be long b4 M$ takes the site. Like Activision took that MW3 site that showed information explaining why BF3 is better.

DasTier3747d ago

That was slightly different as MW3 was actually the product name, we don't know the official name for new xbox is yet.

sikbeta3747d ago


Not, IF next MS console is not called X720, infinity/loop maybe? :D

MrGunny943747d ago

They see me trolli'n they hati'n

That's what's he doing... I'm not fanboy at all i play on my PC, on my 360, on my ps3, on my 3DS, on my Vita, on my Windows Phone and etc....

I get the best of All worlds ;)

sikbeta3747d ago

Yeah, you know that OS for mobile devices, which is competing against Android and IOS and killing the dedicated gaming handheld market in the process :)

El_Colombiano3747d ago

Not at all actually. Last I remembered, the best game on Windows Phone OS was like...solitaire?

RedDead3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

MS should just come out with their next gen consoles nickname like Kinect was called Natal. And register a domain name. That way Xbox 720 site's will die.

No Fishy, I just mean the 720 part.

Xbox "next gen"
Xbox 3 or whatever they want to call it/ For example PSP2 became NGP and Now PS Vita. Those two names would be searched for and thus the likes of would become obsolete.

Fishy Fingers3747d ago

"xbox" is their brand, one they've spend literally billions developing. Dropping it would be like Sony dropping PlayStation. Idiotic.

Dark_king3747d ago

Really the Xbox is the brand name.Removing it would be stupid they haven't built the brand name to the point non gamer know it to just remove it.It will need something fancy to come after the Xbox like infinity.X Box infinity has a nice ring and would be a great logo.

AJB13747d ago

RedDeadDestroyer has one bubble for a reason.

WillGuitarGuy3747d ago

Didn't this same thing happen with ModernWarfare3 dot com? It would send people to the Battlefield 3 site. Lol.

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