Unlock or Delete: SSX Demo

TQ author writes: SSX is back! The long awaited snowboarding game by EA is set to make its debut on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on February 28, but before you go out and pick up the game, there are a few things you should know.

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Trey_4_life3359d ago


SSX was good when primarily a Playstation title, but after trying the demo you can see it was poorly coded with the 360 in mind.

Shame, it had potential with current, state of the art technology like the PS3.

SuperBeast8113359d ago

actually I thought SSX 3 on the original XBOX was the top version way better looking than the PS2 version or gamecube I should know I owned all 3 versions dont ask me why LOL the gameboy advance one sucked though I think it was a primarily a Playstation title was all in your fanboy head the new demo rocks on PS3 dont know about the 360 yet as i currently do not have gold so cant dl it

MysticStrummer3359d ago

I respect your opinion, Trey_4_life, but... wait... no I don't. I reject your opinion, Trey_4_life. The original SSX was a PS only title but the rest have been multiplatform, PS3 isn't current state of the art technology, and this demo rocks on PS3. Day one purchase.

vallencer3359d ago

The game is fantastic. It takes ssx3 and tricky and combines them into one awesome game. What's even better is they use skate like controls and it works so well. Can't wait for the 28th.

Iceman X3359d ago

Exactly what this man said!!! Day 1 pruchased for me. I played all SSX games except that stupid SSX on Tour..... and the Wii game was crap too. Every other SSX game was CRAZY fun!!!

SuperBeast8113359d ago

True SSX On Tour damn near killed the franchise bro but thank GOD its back its been waaaaaaaaaaaaay to long!!!

nik666uk3359d ago

hated the demo at 1st but now I love it!!!

fuzion17c3359d ago

I just beat my buddy's time in the demo. Not a day 1 purchase for me though. My PS3 backlog is too crazy right now. Might purchase it when it gets to the GH price range.

Rampaged Death3359d ago

I've had a great time with the demo and the competition is great. More games should be like this.

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