Xenoblade Developer Hiring New Staff For 3DS Project

MonolithSoft’s Kyoto Studio is now hiring for a new, 3DS-related project. It’s not said explicitly that this project is tied to the Nintendo 3DS, but they certainly have implied so with the image they posted.

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LX-General-Kaos3372d ago

Now the Nintendo 3DS is being shown the same love and care that was given to the Nintendo Wii. Judging from what is seen in Xenoblade the Nintendo 3DS is in time going to receive another AAA exclusive JRPG. All signs are pointing to success for Nintendo and the 3DS.

juegosmajicos3372d ago

To be fair, it is the Kyoto Studio that seems to be working on a 3DS title. Xenoblade and other previous great MonolithSoft titles were developed in the Tokyo headquarters.

Still, this branch was apparently started with internal MonolithSoft employees (probably the smaller team responsible for Disaster: Day of Crisis), who will definitely benefit from the general expertise of the entire development house - not to mention its proximity with Nintendo's own headquarters.

At any rate, this probably means another good-to-great 3DS title for the future, so it's all good.

Titanz3372d ago

Talk about putting the, "petal to the metal."

LightofDarkness3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

Nobody talks about that. That should be "pedal" :p

Stamping the pretty parts of flowers into your footwell will not increase your speed any more than rubbing your engine with cheetah blood.

Venox20083372d ago

second day of great announcements! :)

Knight_Cid3372d ago

you people do realize monolith put alot of stuff on the ds so it only makes sense

the 3ds and vita are already rpg beasts and theyve only been out a year