PS Vita sales to hit 12.4m this year, suggests forecast

In what has been a tough recent era for Sony, the need for a hit is clear and its latest arrival could have the quality necessary to be just that.

Strategy Analytics believes that sales of 12.4 million Vitas are possible this year, if the device gets a price cut at some point during that period.

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LX-General-Kaos3360d ago

I hope that this is accurate. The Playstation Vita is an amazing machine. I had the pleasure of playing the gravity daze demo at a local store and it was worthy of AAA status.

SilentNegotiator3360d ago

I hope it is too, but if NOTHING else, can we see the 24 hours sales of the new regions first?

Because this prediction seems to have been made out of thin air.

darthv723358d ago

I know it appeals to me as well as the core audience. How will sony make it appeal to the casual consumer?

They have to have some kind of plan in place to get people to put down those tablets and pick up a real gaming portable.

Outside_ofthe_Box3360d ago

This is unlikely going to happen unfortunately. They said 12.4 million is possible if the Vita gets a price cut at some point this year and I really doubt Sony will cut the price so soon if the Vita sales are meeting their expectations.

Soldierone3359d ago

In MY honest opinion the Vita doesn't need a price cut, the memory cards do. 25 dollars for 4GB of memory, when almost every other device using similar cards would get at least 16 for that price....Heck keep the 250 dollar price, just toss in a dang memory card....

100 dollars for a reasonable amount at 32GB, for a device based on digital stuff, is what is hurting it. I give it a week before Bestbuy people are saying "yeah but you got to buy the memory card, just buy an iphone" don't give these idiots that escape route Sony! lol

I don't think analysts are right at all. Price cut the console? Why not just bundle it with a game and a memory card? Price cut the cards? All this will help Vita TONS more than dropping the price so soon....

Rowland3360d ago

The timing of the price cut will be key.

-Mezzo-3360d ago

No i won't sell 12M, it's doomed because these strange noises in my head told me so.

Tachyon_Nova3360d ago

Look there is a bit more to the calls that it is "doomed" than some strange noises in someones head.

While it is DEFINITELY too early to suggest that the Vita is doomed, especially given Sony's recent history of slow starts, it is equally too early to assert that all is well and that the Vita's success into the future is guaranteed.

pbasson3360d ago Show
tigertron3360d ago

With a price cut, (particularly those memory cards) you can add me to the 12.4m.

Saladfax3360d ago

Price cut and solid implementation of remote play will have me sold.

Mikhail3360d ago

I think a price cut is possible during the holidays. But software drives sale more.

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The story is too old to be commented.