Head Tracking 3D Display using Wiimote

Johnny Chung Lee has released another interesting Wii Remote hack, following in the footsteps of his Finger Tracking and Digital White Board hacks he has now released a Head Tracking application for desktop VR displays.

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Kakkoii4733d ago

Pretty tight. This could make for some pretty interesting 1-player games. Or multi player if you used separate screens.

killax35634731d ago

And he sounds like Kermit the frog.

Oh, and lose some weight fat Chinese guy.

dhammalama4731d ago

This guy is better than you killax3563.

Monteblanco4732d ago

I wonder why Nintendo haven't hired him yet.

KeiZka4732d ago

Just you wait, just you wait... ;)

killax35634731d ago

Just copy his idea, it'd be cheaper. He (Chung Lee) can't copyright this idea because it involves the Wii (something Nintendo has the copyrights on).

ChickeyCantor4731d ago

but with these videos he could still sue them for stealing an idea.....its easy to win a case...if you find a good attorney

killax35634731d ago

how do you know? this guy has no copyright or patent, he can't copyright the wii or wii controller.

the idea is out in the public with no legal protection.

unless you can show me a legal case that shows otherwise, then you're full of BS.

ChickeyCantor4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

its easy to start a case, just like those people who said they never knew mcdonalds would make them fat.

If he will claim that his CONCEPTs are stolen he can start a lawsuite.
even if he doesnt have any copyrights on nintendo's materials you could sue someone for taking your idea, so yes the materials arnt his but the concept is.
And thats something he could use against developers.

the video's are evidence for time and place, but i dont think he will sue anyone since he said: " i wanna see some games"

and how would i know? i've been listening to a guy for 10000 of hours every morning about concepts and copyrights and what not!
dont even go there because its hard enough already!

let me put it this way:
if you take away the controller and only talk about still have the same concept.

killax35634731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

well, you are very, very, very wrong if you think it would be an easy case. show me some actual legal cases that make u think it would be easy. Apple tried to sue Microsoft for 'stealing' the idea of using 'windows' for an OS and they lost.

'.... just like those people who said they never knew mcdonalds would make them fat.'

What does McDonalds have to do with this anyways? Where the fvck did that dumb idea come from? Has no relation.

so what if you've spend many hours in front of lecture? it doesn't matter. are you in high school? are u an undergraduate? are you in law school? either way it doesn't matter (even if you are in law school, ur no expert b/c experts have actual legal cases to back up their claim).

BTW, sidar, how old are you? r u still a fvcking teenager? hopefully not...b/c....LMAO....never mind.

ChickeyCantor4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

Since you cant talk in a normal way it just shows how ignorant you really are.
But i'm not going to argue this with you, if you don't believe me then don't.

who said anything about winning the case ? i said if you have a good attorney then you have chance of winning. i said its easy to start a case, dont read stuff out of context douchebag.

Mcdonals was just an example of how easy things could go.

no reason for being a douche.
btw if im so wrong why dont you provide me with some evidence ? but nevermind that because it seems you scream at others pretending to be an expert, so no reason to argue this further.

killax35634731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

well, how old are you? are you ashamed of ur age?

"...who said anything about winning the case ?"

get the fvck out of here. you says so in you post 3.3.

"...its easy to win a case...if you find a good attorney.."

I can't talk 'normal' because you make no sense. Arguing with you is like arguing with a damn monkey. only way i can get a point to you is by smashing it in ur face.

btw, the mcdonalds example was horrible. and look up the case of apple vs. microsoft, you lazy dumba$$ monkey sh!t.

ChickeyCantor4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

i see you have a fetish for monkey sh/t. btw mind the IF, it seems monky see monky do. dont act like an ass hahah.

and still no hard evidence....tsk tsk tsk.

KeiZka4731d ago

First one to stoop into personal insults usually either loses all appeal he might have had for his cause, or doesn't find proper arguments thus trying to humiliate opponent. That's all I have to say about this argument...

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ShadoWulf4732d ago

Just ordered my bluetooth adapter of Ebay... wow I hope it comes soon! This is going to be so sweet.

ChickeyCantor4731d ago

Wiinmote is also a cool disagreed =/

waitbeyond4732d ago

Very revolutionary.
I applaud this guy for coming up with this concept.
Hopefully, Nintendo is taking notes on it.

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