Ten hated videogame characters that I secretly like

Destructoid: While many videogame characters are beloved around the world, there are a handful that are reviled by a large majority of the gaming population. And, to be honest, “reviled” may not even be strong enough a word. I know some characters that will result in near riots of anger if even mentioned.

Some of these hated characters I agree with -- I will easily grab my torch and pitchfork in violent protest as well! -- but others I think are given a very bad rap.

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Relientk773363d ago

Slippy Toad when he screams like a girl when hes getting shot at in Star Fox 64, its hysterical.

Kyosuke_Sanada3363d ago

"I'm not all smiles and sunshine!"

That line got me every time I heard it last year.....

Hicken3363d ago

I loved Vanille from the start. I'm a big fan of hyper girls in RPGs anyway. But the more I learned of her, the more I liked her. She's still not Rikku, but she's my second favorite character in XIII.