This Man Has Played Through Mass Effect 3, And He Likes It A Lot

Kotaku: I talked to a guy named Ray a couple of weeks ago. He was with his buddy Greg. Ray said he had played BioWare's Mass Effect 3 end to end already.

I believe him.

He told me what it was like to play through the whole thing. Ray is, I should note, really into BioWare games.
Ray played through the game as a male version of the series' protagonist, Commander Shepard.

He played the previous Mass Effect through a couple of times, as a male Shepard and as a female Shepard.

The first Mass Effect, he said, felt like it leaned toward being a role-playing game. "The second one was aimed more at the action or shooter side. This one is both. Both sides have been amped up really well."

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megaworm253370d ago

damn, i wish i didn't read that a couple of spoilers in it


Canary3370d ago

This "guy" is Ray Muzyka. His "friend" is Greg Zeschuk. Know who they are? They're the FOUNDERS of BIOWARE. So, yeah: just about the LEAST objective opinion you could possibly find.

Great job, Kotaku: the usual F- work I see.

Spitfire_Riggz3370d ago

Lmao!! Thank you for that information, grain of salt confirmed

soundslike3370d ago

I have my doubts for ME3. Honestly the single player demo was pretty bad in my opinion. WHY DO WE NEED SCRIPTED JUMPS?

ug. My biggest pet peeve this gen. "Press button to jump and narrowly escape doom"

Surprisingly the MP was way better. Not a good sign...

Pintheshadows3370d ago

I wouldn't say it was bad but it wasn't great either. As you say the jumping is silly and the routes that opened up for Shep and Anderson were also silly. Hey look, that large piece of debris is now a bridge.

How two men lifted that i'll never know.

The skilltree was a bit disappointing as well. Having two choices doesn't equal roleplaying depth and there was a distinct lack of dialogue choice. I'm not sure if that was to prevent spoilers though.

I did like how you had to be closer to pickups before they were highlighted encouraging exploration and the feel of the gameplay feels more fluid. The omniblade is rubbish though. Improved melee my ass.

FCOLitsjustagame3370d ago

Developers are not unbiased, this article is as worthless as any Preview. Lots and lots of games preview well and end up stinking.

Don't get me wrong, I hope ME3 is great as ME1 and ME2 are among my favorite games of all time. But lets just call the article what it

SSultan3370d ago

The other day I kept saying "Mass Effect" silently to myself... That name is so weird and lame. Say it out loud a few times.

Canary3369d ago

Any word becomes "weird and lame" if you repeat it enough.


The more often you use or experience any given term, the LESS meaning it has. Say any word twenty times, and you'll very easily manage to divorce yourself from its meaning.

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