“Piracy may not be a bad thing”, shares Angry Birds Creator

Pro-Gaming Life: "Last month, Rovio’s Chief Executive raised thought balloons over the heads of electronic consumers and developers, saying: “Piracy may not be a bad thing: it can get us more business at the end of the day.”"

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Kran3365d ago

Well he would say that, because he knows he'll get profit no matter what with his games now. I mean do you KNOW how much Angry Birds sell?

Moncole3365d ago

Maybe he should make a big budget game and when it gets pirated a lot should say it again

MeMing3365d ago

Maybe he isn't rich enough to the point that he wants more yet? Or maybe he feels his too rich that piracy won't affect his sales?

Either way, there are people who have benefited in reality with their apathy towards piracy. Paolo Coelho for one.

Alos883365d ago

Says the guy rolling in more cash than his game probably deserved to make.

HK63362d ago

Well they cloned a game (Crush the Castle) and added nothing new whilst denying that they did get the idea from Armor Games.

manman63365d ago

He wouldn't be saying this if everyone bought the game illegally.

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