Ripten Review: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

Dylan Duarte: "Alan Wake is probably one of my favorite games. It wasn’t a perfect game by any means. It could get tedious from time to time, the combat was rough and repetitive, and the thermoses – oh God, those stupid thermoses. But, whatever faults it had, it more than made up for with a stellar atmosphere and gripping narrative. And the story is exactly what I loved. I love Bright Falls, Cauldron Lake, and Night Springs. I love the dark presence, and I especially love Mr. Scratch, who happens to be the lead antagonist in Alan Wake’s American Nightmare."

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tigertron3365d ago

I totally agree with the review.

This is by no means a fully fledged Alan Wake 2 (which I hope Remedy are working on) but this is a nice filler to let us know what Alan Wake is doing.

Loving the new Old Gods of Asgard track.