More screens revealed for “Sazh: Heads or Tails?” Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC

More Japanese screenshots have been revealed for the upcoming “Sazh: Heads or Tails?” DLC scenario of the recently-released role-playing game, Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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Nodoze2426d ago

Wow MILK much? Keep milking it SQENIX.

What is more shocking is that people are buying this stuff.

Enigma_20992426d ago

Like hell I am. My favorite character has been reduced to DLC... and they brought HOPE back.

Mykky2425d ago

He is aleready in the game without DLC and Hope is grown up so he is nothing like he was in FF 13. Have you even played the game?

Enigma_20992425d ago


Then you better go back and tell the early press releases they got it wrong.

And I just f****** hate Hope. Got a problem with that? Wait until you see what I think of Vanille and Fang...

Mykky2425d ago

You call it milk I call it fan-service. What do you find shocking about people buying extra content for a game they love?
What I find shocking is how people like you get the urge to bash stuff that don't deserve bashing.

Should you not bash Mass Effect 3 instead for giving out expanding DLC on day one? or about Uncharted releasing about 70 skins and old maps?