First trailer of PSN game Sky Diving

An Interesting take on Sky diving.

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Arkham4352d ago

Here's to integrating it with Pain. :)

kornbeaner4352d ago

a Next-gen take on Pilotwing for the SNES. That was a fun game back in the day, glad to see new IP ideas aren't dying for Sony.

LinuxGuru4352d ago


I am definitely looking forward to this!

One of these times I might "forget" to open my character's parachute, and he'll go


DTClown4352d ago

this is a download only game on PSN for less than $10.00.....I might buy it.

Darkiewonder4352d ago

so it would never go over 9.99 ;3

I'm going to wait a few months when it's released. they usually do a good special.

name4352d ago

This BETTER not be just an entire game made up of the Ratchet sixaxis free falling minigame.

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