Arcade Sticks Like Jordans?

It seems nowadays that Arcade Sticks are becoming like new pairs of Jordans, the question is, which one to buy?

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Half of the articles on here are unnecessarily posted as questions?

MANGLORD3365d ago

Build your own the best option IMO.

Oner3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

That's what I did using an extra 15th Anniversary Street Fighter Arcade stick I had ~

Face with buttons in ~

Gutted with HAPP parts (I preferred them for this build) ~

Layout of the SixAxiS & Toodles AXISdapter ~

Closeup up above ~

Medium Shot with some of the wiring ~

Wide Shot ~

Proper SixAxiS placement for accuracy when used ~

PS Button Placement ~

Left "Bumper Button" for Pinball style games ~

Right "Bumper Button" for Pinball style games~