PlayStation Vita - Hands-On (Crush Frag Destroy)

CFD!'s Lucy Harrington spent some time with Sony's newest handheld a short while back. Here's her take:

"In a market dominated by inexpensive applications to entertain those on the move, Sony has certainly thrown in a wild card with the PS Vita. Released in Japan late last year and already facing floods of criticism from the other side of the pond, I decided to spend some quality time with Sony’s new handheld to figure out if the concerns are truly warranted and if the praise is well deserved."

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acronkyoung3370d ago

Might be spending my tax return on one of these. Can't decide.

ShadowPraxis3370d ago

If I had one incoming, I'd be in a similar boat. Got to futz around with one at Best Buy the other day and other than long load times, I thought it was pretty spiffy.