Report: Nintendo negotiating Wii U video content streaming

It makes sense. More individuals are streaming Netflix on their consoles and, as of last summer, the Wii was used to stream Netflix most often. According to a report on AdWeek, Nintendo is working out deals with major content providers right now for the Wii's successor, the Wii U.

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Joule2428d ago

Of course it's going to have video streaming

darthv722428d ago

i have netflix on all 3 (360/ps3/wii) and wii is the one i would least of all. Reason...non-hd streaming. I enjoy using netflix on the 360 and ps3 for that reason.

It is only obvious the wii-u will get the same services as the wii but this time they will be hd.

N4g_null2427d ago

This is just not Netflix. These are cable providers to satellite tv even at&ts uverse get it. This card in the wiiu is very capable of handling these things.

-Mika-2428d ago

I thought the ps3 was used to stream netflix more often.

Shok2428d ago

Nah, PS3 owners used Netflix more than anything else on their PS3s, that's what you're thinking about. More PS3 owners use Netflix than they do game, use Home, internet browsing, etc.

GribbleGrunger2428d ago

bit of a waste that PS3 gamers get more games then really

dark-hollow2428d ago

I think Nintendo is serious about getting the hardcore gamers on board.
Firts the third party support of games never launched on a Nintendo system. (Tekken, the new ninja gaiden, rumors of gta V)

Hulu plus support and now this.

smoothdude2428d ago

I think Nintendo has always been serious in getting core gamers on board. I mean the Cube had "Kiddie" all over it, so they have come along way since then.

RememberThe3572428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

Is this news? I really thought video service apps where a shoe in like a online network and Mario games. Of course they're going to have video service apps.

PopRocks3592428d ago

Well, it's a pretty good thing to have confirmed (eh, rumored) for those who are really looking forward to playing Netflix on their console of choice.

Shackdaddy8362428d ago

It's not just video service apps. They've been talking to comcast and cable service providers too. So I imagine they want some type of cable service where you can watch through the TV and through maybe your controller too.

2EHO2428d ago

Actually nextflix came out with a report a couple months back and said Wii user used nextflix more that any other console.

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