Facebook Now on PlayStation Vita

When the PlayStation Store updated yesterday, one thing was missing from the promised apps like Netflix and LiveTweet – Facebook.

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TheFirstClassic3366d ago

Disliking facebook doesn't mean you don't have friends, facebook is just annoying to me. I have plenty of friends, but I haven't touched my facebook in a year. You can't have a real relationship on a website.

SilentNegotiator3366d ago (Edited 3366d ago )


No one is forced to keep their relationships exclusive to Facebook. Facebook is great for keeping up with friends and family.

Share a photo with a relative across seas, let (a) friend(s) know about an event, discuss things.....

Used properly, I don't see any real reason to hold anything against Facebook. Well, other than the negative changes they make to the interface.

TheFirstClassic3366d ago

@silentnegotiator fair enough, I'll admit facebook is great for keeping up long distance relationships. I've just never liked using it myself. I might end up using it more anyway though, if my friends and family become more spread out.

GraveLord3366d ago

Yeah, if you're anti-social and have no friends.
I'm guessing I'll be getting many disagrees from these people.

rezzah3366d ago

It's been on Vita for a while now, I've used it during the weekend.

SKUD3366d ago

The cancer just keeps spreading.

Rainstorm813366d ago

Ok now if we can get music unlimited and the four square apps we will be all set

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