Alan Wake FXAA Injector boosts the game's atmosphere, Remedy explains why SLI is not supported

DSOGaming writes: "And here is the first mod for Alan Wake PC. Well… kind of. Remedy’s community member ‘john129pats’ has released a settings profile for FXAA Injector, the famous tool that was used heavily in Skyrim. This FXAA profile is said to enhance the atmosphere by making nights darker, and making your flashlight stand out. The profile comes with Desaturation, Extra Anti-Aliasing, Bloom,Light Sharpening, Darker Nights and Brighter Lights. You can find the download link, as well as some comparisons below."

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decrypt3359d ago

No reason why SLI & Crossfire shouldnt be supported in this day and age upon release. Heck some game devs are actually getting away with not supporting PC centric features like AA, graphics settings.

Fishy Fingers3359d ago

Well he explains why it doesnt in the article, but I suppose you could argue they might have delayed it until complete. Although why should the majority suffer just to appease the minority? That includes me with my SLI set-up.

Bit of patience after 3 year wait isnt much to ask.

john23359d ago

A bit ironic that the game works great with CrossFire without any issues but has lots of artifacts with SLI. If it was an engine problem, CrossFire would obviously be affected by it too, right?

wallis3359d ago

I agree, but at least they're working on it. Although to be fair they should have seen it coming. It's only an itty bitty feature that is in like every freaking gaming laptop made and half of all the desktops.

But still they're working on it