PS Vita Impressions from a PSP Hater

Ben Salter of MMGN: I wouldn’t say I’m a man who hated the PSP per se, I just never felt the inclination to purchase or even play one. The DS was more innovative, had better games and was what I wanted from a portable gaming device. Unlike consoles, I also didn’t think there was much benefit in owning more than one handheld, and thus, I pretty much ignored it.

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DrRichtofen3367d ago (Edited 3367d ago )

"Why does it have a memory card with an outrageous amount of packaging? $25 for a 4GB memory card is ridiculous when it could have used a much cheaper SD card. This isn’t 1997, Sony. It’s blatantly a grab for extra cash which didn’t have to happen"

God why can't people just put two and two together already? The reason they made their own proprietary card is to attempt to stop people from hacking the system and pirating games like on the original psp.

Yes it sucks the cards are pricey for a small amount of gigs you get, I wish they'd just use sd cards as well, but I can completely understand where sony is coming from, they just want to protect their system.

C'mon amazon! ship my vita already!!