Man stabbed in fight over PlayStation

Castillo is accused of stabbing his uncle which was reportedly spun from an argument over a Playstation video game. The injured man is listed in critical condition and suffered stab wounds to the head and the abdomen.

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Darkiewonder4731d ago

What were they fighting over? which model was the best?

People these days fight over the silliest things.


hope it was worth it . dumbasssses

BLUR1114730d ago

i just hope he was a hardcore gamer than to make some fast cash for crack to pull that stunt

Lord_Mike4730d ago

Thats what I call hardcore gamers.

iNcRiMiNaTi4731d ago

sht like this gives videogames a bad name sometimes. the media picks up on this and tries their hardest to bring the industry down.

name4731d ago


Nephew: Call of duty 4 is better than unreal tournament
Uncle: That's Bull**** Unreal tournament blows call of duty 4 away
Nephew: Don't be retarded
Uncle: I'm not that one that's being retarded
Nephew: I'm not kidding you, you better cool it
Uncle: Who the hell are you talking to with that voice? No wonder you think call of duty 4 is better you're obviously a retard
Nephew: *stabs*


the mortal kombat one or this one , I think stupidity is funny ( thats just me )...

the worst i have ever done to my brother was perform the tombstone on him , lucky he didnt break his neck , or else there would be no more wrestling ..

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The story is too old to be commented.