First Mass Effect 3 benchmarks for mobile GPUs

We test multiple mobile GPUs currently out in the market on EA's upcoming Mass Effect 3 for the PC.

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T9003372d ago

Shouldnt be too different then Masseffect 1 lol. Hardware requirements have hardly progressed at all in the last few years.

I personally played ME 2 maxed out on my laptop with a GTX 260M GPU. That laptop is about 4 years old now.

ninjahunter3372d ago

555m GT handles this game like a beast. Of course, 555m gt it a pretty good laptop card all around if your aiming for 1366x768. If you have the ram, will play almost anything maxed out, with the acception of AA and SSAO (and motion blur in the witcher 2)

h311rais3r3372d ago

Game looks like poo but is fun...but still looks like poop