PS Vita Review – F1 2011 [PSLS]

PSLS writes: Formula 1 racing has debuted on the PS Vita in the form of Sumo Digital’s F1 2011, but is the port worth a purchase?

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dbjj120882525d ago

plenty of racing options, but i'll wait for the inevitable Gran Turismo game

ftwrthtx2525d ago

I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it.

joffa812525d ago

My biggest issue is due to the fact DRS & KERS are mapped to the face buttons it makes them almost impossible to use. Sumo should of allowed KERS & DRS to be mapped to the triggers or ever the rear touchpad and then the game would be great. As it is it's still good but as I don't have enough fingers to use DRS & KERS it feels more like F1 2010.

LostTokens2525d ago

I don't play many racers, but I'm surprised how much I generally enjoy F1 titles. Might be worth picking up.