KARA Cat-Girls Get Added To Freestyle

For the online basketball game Freestyle, special characters from the popular group Kara will be updated to the game on the 27th.

In this update, Hara, Seungyeon, and Gyuri will be added to the game as special characters first. In addition, there will be new items, motions, and voices in relation to the Kara characters. Now, you can see Kara's sweet cheering and cute butt dance ceremony's when they make a score, to further make the game enjoyable.

Lee MinSuk from the Freestyle management team said "With characters from the Wonder Girls and followed by the KBL Pro basketball players, using special characters as game marketing has showed great results. We are not aiming for temporary satisfaction with star marketing in this game, but rather a game that can grab the attention of the player for a long time with the game contents."

JCE will update Nicole and Jiyoung characters later on, for all 5 members of Kara.

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