Why I changed my mind about handhelds

Ryan Gleason: With the release of the Vita this week and the 3DS a handful of months back I have been asking myself “Do I really need a handheld”. Until just recently I always thought that the answer was “no”, but looking at how I spend my time a handheld video game system is perfect for me. Today I am going to break down a couple of the reasons why I think a portable gaming system is perfect for me and maybe you as well.

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pain777pas2428d ago

This is honesty when you boil down all the media hate. Sometimes a handheld is perfect for YOUR lifestyle. I particularly love it and that is sleepmode. This is something a console just cannot match and the Vita now has the ability to allow you to listen to music or whatever then with a swipe go right back to gaming.

ginsunuva2428d ago

I also thought console experiences shouldnt be bothered squeezing onto a handheld.
But now I realized a Vita is perfect for college where I probably wont bring my ps3.