SFX-360's Alan Wake's American Nightmare Review

Anthony writes:

"Alan Wake was one of those games that simply amazed me in every way possible. I loved the episodic approach to each level with its TV series like intros, I even remember getting chills with the end line in the main game. It was a very well rounded game and the story was simply top notch I felt. I do however feel that the game started to unravel that story a little with DLCs that followed. Each one the story was crazier and crazier and while this may have been the intent all along, possibly tying into Alan’s insanity while fighting the darkness for so long, I felt the epicness of the story starting to drift a little."

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hazardman3360d ago

Man I really need to play this game, I'm always hearing or reading good things about it! It has that(excuse movie references)Shining with Secret Window feel to it.. def going on my must buy list!

H2OAcidic3359d ago

Nice refrence! Going to check out any of the other House party games?

hazardman3359d ago

That Nexuiz looks pretty cool, quake meets unreal and maybe Warp. That other game not so much, i'm getting tired of all the post apocalyptic games, theres to many of em! But I might buy all of em to get another game free with the 800ms pts. What about you?

hazardman3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

mamma mia....