Awesome Tech We Want In The PS Vita 2

With the PlayStation Vita out now, it is officially current-gen technology. So what about the next-gen? Here’s what we want in the PS Vita 2. - PSLS

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Sev3360d ago

I want some of this tech in Vita 1!

doctorstrange3360d ago

Vita's old now, gimme new tech!

Seriously though, some of the stuff here is pretty damn cool.

ape0073360d ago

keep your 11 i want Vita 12

ape0073360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

some people just write stupid things just to get hits

GraveLord3360d ago

There's a reason I reported this before it was approved by stupid people.

CynicalVision3360d ago

This is just ridiculous, new low for the website.

GribbleGrunger3360d ago

agreed. evidently the next article is called: Tech we want to see in the PS5

knifefight3360d ago

Sony has already made commercials for PlayStation 9.

ftwrthtx3360d ago

We should always keep an eye to the future while living in the present

Rainstorm813360d ago

I agree but on launch day? Its the Apple Generation that wants to buy new tech every year or every two years.

Lets find out what the Vita is capable oof before we even start to mention or think of a PSV2

doctorstrange3360d ago

No, I want touchable holograms already.

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The story is too old to be commented.