Halo 3 adds Team Hardcore and Control playlists

Xbox360fanboy writes:

"Without any official announcement over on (those lazy'ers), we discovered that two new playlists have been added to Halo 3's matchmaking hopper.

The playlist changes are the same ones that Bungie previously revealed a few weeks back and include the addition of both ranked Team Hardcore and Team Control."

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zonetrooper54733d ago

Team Hardcore frickens rules! and its mad fun. =D

chanto234732d ago

whats team hardcore?? 1 hit 1 kill like on CoD4?

player9114732d ago

@ Chanto
-The article clearly describes each addition.

@ Everyone
-Great! More ways for me to get pwnd

jinn4732d ago

not really news for a guy that doesn't have xbox live

JokesOnYou4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

I know they exist, I just never seem 'em, kind of like Aliens, lmfao nah but seriously I just dont understand why somebody would buy a 360 or ps3 and NOT intend to game online, especially with 360 thats a huge part of the experience of owning the console.


Spinitus4732d ago

they just need to removed vip from hardcore, that game type sux.

Wii60_FTW4732d ago

Looks like Luke f*cked this one up.