The PS Vita Goes Racing, Gets a NASCAR Car

There are racing games for the PS Vita, but soon it’ll be the PS Vita itself to do the racing on the bonnet of Joey Logano’s #20 Toyota Camry during the next NASCAR race on the prestigious track of Daytona.

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Dakidog2526d ago

Wow they really did go hard with advertising, I mean it's no 500 million...but still!

This will sell some Vita's Nascar actually has a huge following.

metsgaming2526d ago

I always thought that was painted on. Interesting to see, will it stay on all season or it it just for Daytona ? Maybe they should get a Nascar game on the vita, isnt EA or someone making it now? I think they made one last year but it looked terrible.

Abriael2526d ago

Nope, they're generally decals :D otherwise it would be hell to change them, and the gamestop car changes pretty often with the latest game.

AFAIK it'll be only Daytona.

Dakidog2526d ago

The cars are painted then decals are added I believe(sponsors change all the time it'd suck to repaint all the time). I'm not a follower, I just catch a race here or there every once in awhile.

LordStig2526d ago

so, well be seeing that on gran turismo pretty soon?

Skateboard2526d ago

I wanna drive that around my neighborhood.